Install Guide.

The Installation is very SIMPLE! We use quality 1/4" quick connect fittings and 1/4" tubing to complete the install. Our Service Crew Members are trained to perform the quickest, cleanest and efficient install at your home or place of business (Office). First, we locate the closest cold water tap line to tap into the cold water tap. Then we locate for the power (electricity- 110-V) for a base appliance (water cooler). We then run the 1/4" white tubing inside the drop ceiling with conduit all the way to the point of use water cooler. If we are unable to run through the drop ceiling, then we run the tubing along the bottom base board and tact it on the baseboard with finishing nails professionally with every effort to conceal the tubing from being exposed. Then we complete the install by installing the filters and flushing the 2- water filters. We then fill both tanks (hot and cold) by priming the cooler- PLUG IT IN and TURN ON THE TOGGLE SWITCH and the cooler is ready to dispense GREAT TASTING FILTERED WATER. After an 1 hour or so, the cooler starts dispensing ice cold chilled water and hot boiling water for your enjoyment of hot tea, coffee and soups. If you need customer service, please call us at (888) 862-3707

Mon-Fri from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time). 

Meet Our Service Director-

Jonathan Romero

Jonathan has been working for our company Since August, 2013. Jonathan has a background on water treatment and testing. In addition to ongoing training to trouble shooting equipment. He is the Service Director for all locations including: New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Nevada. If you have any concerns about our Service Department, please email Jonathan at

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM- 6:00PM (M.S.T) 


" We are very happy with the service provided by your company. The installation was very well done and professional. The water taste GREAT!"

We Set Our Service Standards Above All.

Click on this video to see the simple installation.

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